Neither AKS or I personally hold any social media accounts.

I have grown up with Karate and the unique environment the Karate Dojo provides has been a good and positive influence on my life. Therefore, I wish to do my very best to try and preserve that same traditional environment for the students of our karate schools.

I believe Karate classes should be a place where people can train alongside each other, united in the pursuit of becoming more proficient in this great martial art, regardless of their background, age, sex, nationality, religion or social status.

Students need to be able to come along and focus on their training, make mistakes, have highs and lows safe in the knowledge that they are not going to be broadcast to the outside world or have their dojo activities discussed further on the internet.  For similar reasons we do not allow parents to sit in and watch our general classes as it is detrimental to the progress and privacy of the students.

We do allow family members to spectate and take photos on AKS event days as we understand it is nice to keep the memories.  However, it is impossible to police every photo and piece of footage and get the necessary permission to publish from students and parents.  Therefore, please be respectful to all our members and keep things off the internet.

Please note, anyone found broadcasting any of our AKS activities or posting derogative comments about another member on the internet will lose their membership.  This website is used to advertise our classes and has photo galleries but they are reserved for the advanced students who have achieved major honours.

In my younger years I served an apprenticeship as an Engineering Draughtman which led to a freelance career in London.  I enjoyed this greatly for a number of years but with the emergence of computer-aided design (CAD) the essence of technical drawing was lost and in turn my passion largely deflated.  Karate during that time was becoming more and more a massive part of my life and especially my love for teaching, hence the complete lifestyle career change.  The advancement of technology can be amazing and essential but when it takes away the essence of something that was once unique and inspiring, then it can also be tragic. 

I understand that social media has become a big part of everyday life for most people but I personally feel Karate should still provide a lifestyle alternative like it did for me or at least time out from your usual day.  It should give students a good reason to put down their phones and focus on physical practise which leaves you feeling uplifted.  If I as the Chief Instructor of AKS was constantly putting out daily updates and photos on social media to promote business this would be a contradiction to what I teach and the reason Karate inspired me so much in the beginning.

Sensei Anthony