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Student Registration Form

Student Registration Form

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Please Note

Child Safety

No child should be left at any venue before the instructor has acknowledged the presence of the child.  Likewise, children should be collected at the door where the instructor is carrying out the activity.  Parents/guardians who are prepared to send their child to a venue unaccompanied must accept responsibility for any consequences.

Taking photos or filming the students at their classes or during AKS belt gradings is not permitted.  
We do not wish to rule out spectators taking photos at AKS competition events, but we must strongly advise that under no circumstance should any material be published on the internet or made accessible to the general public.  This will result in the loss of your AKS membership.  We appreciate your understanding in being respectful to all our members.

All necessary equipment should be obtained from AKS.  This ensures it is of good standard and fully suitable for the activities.  Please note funds raised from equipment sales also help subsidise AKS events.


If you feel that you may have any medical condition that may affect your training it is your responsibility to consult your Doctor and you must inform your Instructor before undertaking any exercise.  Please give details in the box below of any known medical condition (eg Asthma). If there is no such medical condition, please type NONE.


I do not have any medical condition that would prevent me from taking part in strenuous exercise.
I have never been convicted of a violent crime.
I accept that the practise of a Martial Art may involve the risk of injury.
I do not object to my details on this form being held on computer by AKS and used to produce an annual licence with the English Karate Federation governing body.

If student is under 18 years, parent/guardian to sign