AKS is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting any personal identifiable information that you provide.

All members of AKS are required to provide us with the following information:-

Date of Birth
Home Telephone
Mobile Telephone
Email Address
Registration Date
Student Belt Grade
Declaration of any medical conditions which should be taken into consideration
Confirmation of not being convicted of a violent crime

The above information is stored in our files and the name, address, date of birth and registration date is forwarded to the English Karate Federation Governing Body.  The EKF Data Privacy Notice can be seen at www.englishkaratefederation.com

We confirm that no personal information for any of our members is forwarded to any other parties other than the Governing Body and the EKF Insurance provider for the purpose of official registration.

Communication via email with students, parents or instructors is never forwarded to any other party other than to whom it is concerned.

Our AKS website www.karateschools.co.uk only shows photos with the knowledge of the student or instructor and are generally reserved for major honours of our advanced grades.  If any advanced grades do not wish to be mentioned or have photos uploaded of their achievements to our website, then please advise AKS Admin.

Our AKS website is not an open forum and we do not subscribe to social media as we value the privacy of all our members.  We request that all our members respect this and likewise keep any photos and video footage of our AKS activities off the internet.

In addition to the above, our instructors will also be required to provide more detailed identification information for the purpose of DBS checks and insurance policies.  This information will only be forwarded to the official bodies concerned.