As an adult you may have considered going along to a Karate class but in the evening you are too busy running the children to their activities, have home/work commitments or perhaps training alongside the children in our general classes has put you off.  With a number of adults working or studying from home with varied time schedules, a daytime class would maybe suit you best. 

It is common knowledge that martial arts practise helps maintain a healthy body and mind but over the years we have unfortunately seen less adults stepping into the dojo. 

Nowadays, Karate has an excellent reputation as an activity providing countless benefits for a child’s development or a dynamic sport for those who wish to compete.  However, that’s not the whole picture and there’s many aspects of our training that benefit adults and improves general health and gives an interesting alternative to conventional exercise. 

Perhaps, you are interested but the thought of contact sparring or pairs work, pressure of performing for belt grades and competitions is stopping you from coming along. Although, as Karate teachers we can list the virtues of all those activities, we do also understand that to an adult outside of the Karate world, it can seem daunting. Therefore, for those who don’t wish to take part in our full AKS Syllabus we can offer non-contact training for adults.

Katas or forms are a traditional non-contact exercise consisting of set patterns of martial arts technique.  The practise of Kata involves moving in stances with combinations of blocking and striking actions, flowing hand movements and controlled breathing.  The nature of Kata provides excellent low impact body strengthening, improves flexibility, core stability and stamina.  The Kata can be performed slow and flowing or fast and dynamic depending on your fitness, ability or personal preference. 

As well as the physical benefits, Kata requires you to focus your mind on the learning and performance of the techniques, which in turn helps clear the mind of outside distractions.  Concentrating on a single task outside of your usual work or home environment can relieve stress and help gain clarity.  

The beauty of Kata is that it can be practised anywhere, from your living room to the most idyllic spot on your holiday. Once you have learned the forms, they can travel with you throughout life. The Katas we teach are from the traditional Japanese styles and along with the health benefits also provide us with knowledge of numerous self-defence applications.

To take part in classes no previous experience or ability of any martial arts is needed and you can wear anything that’s comfortable and suitable to exercise in. At the daytime class you will be given the option to take part in our full AKS Syllabus training including belt grades or alternatively non-contact training only.  If your child already attends our classes then training yourself will also help give you a better understanding of their activity and the opportunity to be able to practise together at home.

Adult Only Daytime Class
Tuesday 10.30 – 11.30 am at The Hub Community Centre, Cambourne
Open to beginners age 16 years and above


£30 per calendar month payable on the 1st of each month.

To register your interest and book a place for a trial lesson please click the link below and complete the registration form and we will confirm your booking and send you an email invite to come along.

We look forward to seeing you at class!