AKS Student Fees

AKS Licence Fee - £25 per year

All karate students are required to have an annual licence which gives them registration with AKS and the English Karate Federation governing body. This includes EKF student insurance and a nationally recognised official grading record. Licence registration forms are provided at class.

AKS Monthly Membership Fee - £48 per month (11 payments per year)

AKS students have unlimited access to all classes in all areas for one calendar monthly fee. Students may train as much as they wish. Please see the class timetables for full details.

Families training together are welcome - the third family member or more can train for free!

All AKS classes are closed during August for Instructor/Student holidays; therefore no payment is required for August.

New Students

Following a trial lesson new students are required to complete the licence registration form and return it at the start of their next class along with the £25 registration fee.  They may then attend our classes for the remainder of that month for free. The first membership fee is due at the start of the following month.

Royston Discount Fee

Due to a lower number of classes available to students in Royston we also offer a once a week training option for £30 per month.  Please note this reduced fee is for Royston students only.