Benefits of Karate

Some of the many benefits of Karate 

A fun and healthy activity for the whole family.

An effective martial art for self-defence.

An exciting dynamic sport

An opportunity to learn a traditional art passed on through generations. 

Improves general well-being and vitality.

Encourages assertiveness.

Builds self-confidence.

Improves focus and concentration.

Promotes self-discipline, respect to others and responsibility.

Improves faster reaction in life threatening situations.

Helps to prevent being bullied and teaches not to bully others.

A varied and interesting way to keep fit.

Gives the mind a break from work and study which helps clear thinking.

A good cardiovascular workout.

Encourages good posture, core stability and builds strong abdominal muscles.

Provides excellent cross training for a variety of sports.

Gives opportunities to make new friends and go to new places

Helps to face fears, set targets and achieve goals.